The BPC Mission Study Team has continued to work behind the scenes and appreciates ALL your input and feedback over the past year, but we need your help with this important final survey so we can complete our report and move to the next step in pastor selection!

There is a list of 33 Leadership Competencies below that need your thoughtful responses and scoring.

We will be using the following (5) point scale with an additional Not Applicable response.

5=Very Important
3=Moderately Important
2=Slightly Important
0=Not Applicable

Survey Instructions: Please read each of the competencies and score them independent of each other.  Please put a number from (0 – 5) in the box BELOW each competency, there are a total of (33) of them, based upon your perception of how important to the future of BPC the following competencies or qualities are when looking to hire our next Pastor?

If you need clarification or have additional questions for the Mission Study Team, please email or call Craig Trautweiler at (732) 232-1359. Thank You!