Over a Century of Service To The Lord and God’s People

Brick Presbyterian Church is blessed with a friendly and caring staff that loves the Lord, and is eager to serve the needs of God’s people.

Our congregation is firmly rooted in our community, ministering to the needs of people since 1900. Yet we are continually seeking to discern the new things that God is calling us to be and do as we move forward into the future. Thus, we value the tried and proven traditions of the past, as we seek to find appropriate ways to meet the needs of an ever changing world while remaining faithful to the Lord.

We are a diverse people in age, interests and perspectives within the Christian faith. You will find among us young people, families of various descriptions, singles and retirees. Yet we are bound together by the love of God in Jesus Christ and a care for one another and the larger community.

  1. West Mantoloking Presbyterian, Mantoloking Rd.

  2. West Mantoloking Church

  3. Geological Survey

  4. The Presby Press

    The Presby Press April 1955

  5. Brick Churches

  6. The New Church Building

    Click the link to access pictures of the 1957 Building of BPC at 111 Drum Point

    And so it begins….

  7. New Members

  8. BPC New Building

    circa December 1959

    The New Sanctuary circa December 1959

  9. Christmas

    Sanctuary Decorations

    Sanctuary Decorations

  10. Youth Fellowship

    Reverend Walter Evans in our original Fellowship Hall.  Phyllis, Gary and Christy Baker, Edward and Nancy Bonnell with Gayle, Wayne and Lee Bonnell, Kathy (Grahn) Kenny and Carol Farante are among the faces.  Let us know if you can name any others.

  11. Pastor Doug and His Kayak

  12. The New Steeple

  13. Under Construction – The FLC

    In 2011 BPC Broke Ground on the new Family Life Center.  It was a time of great expectation and a study in patience.

    We were blessed with out standing leadership.

    Watch the progress here...

  14. Rise Against Hunger

  15. BPC Final Communion Service with Pastor Doug

    On August 5, 2018 we gathered to share with Pastor Doug in his final communion service as our beloved Pastor.  It was a beautiful service filled with beautiful music, lovingly planned and prepared by the music ministry team.  Under the direction of our own Edmond Murphy the service featured beautiful choral arrangements of some of Pastor Doug’s favorite hymns, Flute music, drums, piano and organ duets.  It was a joyous, spirit filled sharing at the Lord’s Table.   Find pictures and video here…

  16. BPC Celebrates with Pastor Doug

    On August 26, 2018 BPC Celebrated the 27 years of loving, devoted Spiritual leadership of the Reverend Douglas G. Chase. It was a time of Worship, Reminiscing, Good Food, lots of laughter and a flood of tears.

    Celebration Pictures Here

  17. Solar Panel Dedication

    BPC Dedicates the Solar Panels with the Community and the Honorable Mayor John Ducey.

    For additional photos of the day…

  18. Presbyterian Women Honor Lori Evans