Fellowship Committee

Brick Presbyterians enjoy getting together and celebrating our love for one another and those who come into our midst.

We believe life is good and that our Lord has called us know life in all of its fullness. Our Fellowship Committee sponsors each year a number of special events that brings us together in God’s abundant love. Among the things that fall under the oversight and coordination of our committee are the following events:

  • A pancake breakfast during the winter between worship services so people can be fed in spirit at worship and fed in body at breakfast with one another;
  • A light luncheon in January for our Annual Meeting of the Congregation and Corporation;
  • A church picnic following an informal worship service in the FLC (usually the 2nd Sunday in July;
  • A Halloween Costume event in late October;
  • A Christmas Festival that is done in cooperation with other groups in the church;
  • And a coffee hour usually on the Third Sunday of each month between services, or after worship during the summer.