Since June 2013 and as part of the new FLC building fundraising programs, church households elected to enroll in the Stream Energy’s Power-Up Fundraising Program to be their home electric and/or natural gas provider.  Once the FLC mortgage was paid in full, these monthly commissions were deposited in our main checking account to help with the current expenses.  As a monthly commission for such an enrollment, the church received $4.00 for electric and $1.50 for gas per household, resulting in the church receiving a commission of approximately $100 each month.  So, after 7 years later, this Power-Up Program will end shortly with the church receiving their last commission probably this August.

If you are still enrolled in either the Stream Energy electric or natural gas contract or possibly both contracts, our church Stream Energy coordinator, Patrice Law, will be contacting you to discuss your options.  Please do not terminate your contract without discussing these Plans with Patrice (732)779-7242 or patricealaw@gmail.com.